Commands that require "+python" and curses or the "+python_screen" patch:

  • VxBufListSelect: Buffer explorer/manager.
  • VxOpenRecentFile: Display a list of recent files, open selected file.
  • VxTextMenu: Display Vim menu in the listbox, select items from menu.
  • VxFileBrowser: Browse the local filesystem to open a file. Recent directory list is available to find files faster.
  • VxFileFilter: Display a list of files in current directory and subdirectories.
  • VxOccur: Display all occurences of a string in the listbox. Filter the lines. Jump to selected line.
  • VxOccurCurrent: Capture output from [I and show in the listbox.
  • VxOccurTags: Process current file with ctags, show in listbox.
  • VxOccurRutines: Display the lines that match a predefined regular expression for current filetype.
  • VxSourceTasks: Display a list of todo items in current file.
  • VxDisplay: Display the output of :display, insert selected register.
  • VxMarks: Display the output of :marks, jump to mark.
  • VxCmd: Display the output of any command in a listbox. (commands that use redir will fail).
  • VxMan: Display the output of :!man; uses cat and col.

Commands that require "+python_screen":

  • VxLineJump: Display lables in the line-number area; jump to label.
  • VxWindowJump: Display a label in the center of every window; jump to window.

Commands defined in VxLib:

  • QuickFix Preview: Preview current item from QuickFix window.
  • VxStatus: Display the status of known plugins.
  • VxRegen: Run the Plugin Generator to update the plugin initialization code.