Example keymap

call vxlib#plugin#Init()

" configure the positions of various popup windows
VxLet VxPopupListPos default "position=525"
VxLet VxPopupListPos VxBufListSelect "position=534 minsize=0.5,8"
VxLet VxPopupListPos VxOpenRecentFile "position=534 minsize=0.5,8"
VxLet VxPopupListPos VxTextMenu "position=524"

" VxOccur: use grep+xargs+find
let g:vxoccur_grep_mode = 2

nmap <silent> <F2> <Plug>VxFileBrowser
nmap <silent> <s-F2> <Plug>VxFileFilter
nmap <silent> <F3> <Plug>VxBufListSelect
nmap <silent> <s-F3> <Plug>VxOpenRecentFile
nmap <silent> <c-F5> <Plug>VxMapDefaultKeys
nmap <silent> <F9> <Plug>VxTextMenu
imap <silent> <F9> <Plug>VxTextMenu
vmap <silent> <F9> <Plug>VxTextMenu
nmap <silent> gl <Plug>VxLineJump
nmap <silent> gt <Plug>VxWindowJump
nmap <silent> [I <Plug>VxOccurCurrent
vmap <silent> [I <Plug>VxOccurCurrent

" The following keymaps conflict with netrw-gx, so we disable it
let g:netrw_nogx=1
nmap <silent> gxr <Plug>VxOccurRoutines
nmap <silent> gxt <Plug>VxOccurTags
nmap <silent> gxx <Plug>VxOccurRegex
nmap <silent> g/ <Plug>VxOccurRegex

nmap <silent> gxh <Plug>VxOccurSelectHist
nmap <silent> gxv <Plug>VxOccurHist
nmap <silent> gxn <Plug>VxCNext
nmap <silent> gxp <Plug>VxCPrev